Dr Rafidah sounds emotional, more like personal grudges

Is there any official regulation a bankrupt cannot be a government servant? Are you killing them without utilising each individual's expertise in good faith?

A news portal from the mainstream media reported nephrologist Dr Rafidah Abdullah has urged a public university to explain why it allowed a person who has been declared a bankrupt to lead one of the departments under its medical faculty.

Rafidah said the vice-chancellor of the varsity must explain the matter, especially since the government’s regulations bar bankrupts from being hired for the public services.

“Come on, university XX, please explain. Don’t embarrass the university,” FMT quoted Rafidah as saying in a Facebook post, keeping the varsity’s name anonymised. She added that she will file a complaint which would be more specific.

A university spokesman later told the news portal that investigations were being carried out into the matter. An announcement would be made on Monday (tomorrow).

Rafidah also claimed that the academic has not been registered with the Malaysian Medical Council this year, a requirement for a doctor to legally practice medicine.

She asked Malaysians if they would be willing to be treated or operated on by a doctor who is not legally allowed to practice medicine and who is a bankrupt who has not settled outstanding debts.

According to the portal, they had also sought a response from higher education minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Questions about the academic’s status were raised on social media after the academic was interviewed by the news portal recently. A search conducted with the insolvency department confirmed that the academic was declared a bankrupt in 2014 and remains undischarged as of Thursday April 25.

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