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IT is time to put aside differences and celebrate similarities among Malaysians of all races and religions as we enter 2020, says 94-year-old Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Vision 2020 is significant in PM's heart “The year 2020 is quite significant in my heart. When I headed the administration of Malaysia the first time, it was through Vision 2020 that the government had then targeted this year as the year we would be considered a developed country. Replaced by Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 “However, in the past few years, we realised that the target could not be achieved fully and due to that, we prepared a blueprint known as Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, ” he said. Peaceful and developed He also said that there is a need for that extension as it is the duty of the government to ensure a peaceful and developed country. Farmers to diversify Dr Mahathir pointed out that the price of palm oil is now at its highest but said the government has to


AN Umno supreme council member has threatened to sue Attorney-General Tommy Thomas for allegedly refusing to prosecute two men seen in a recent sex video scandal that implicated Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali, reported Malaysiakini . Lokman claimed that Dr Mahathir had ordered cover-up of the case In issuing the threat, Lokman Noor Adam ( above ) claimed that Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had ordered a cover-up of the case which allegedly involved Azmin and former Santubong PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz. Seven-day deadline for Attorney-General to prosecute or face legal action "So today I am delivering this letter from my lawyers to Thomas with a seven-day deadline for him to respond. "If he does not respond, then my lawyers will take legal action against him," said Lokman at the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) in Putrajaya. Two male politicians The sex video in question depicted two male politicians in bed. It was sp

POLIS JANJI SEBELUM HUJUNG TAHUN -- Tinggal beberapa jam sahaja lagi

Chan Quin Er, bekas DPP yang juga jurucakap MCA SEORANG bekas Timbalan Pendakwaraya yang bercakap mewakili MCA membangkitkan persoalan sama ada pihak polis akan mendedahkan perincian analisis oleh pakar Amerika Syarikat berkaitan video seks sejenis yang didakwa melibatkan seorang menteri. Jurucakap MCA tersebut, Chan Quin Er berkata Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Bukit Aman, Huzir Mohamed pada bulan lepas berkata keputusan analisis dijangka diperoleh sebelum tahun baru. Hasil siasatan video seks yang menampilkan pelaku lelaki berwajah mirip Azmin Ali “Hari ini 31 Disember. Tahun dan dekad ini akan berakhir dalam beberapa jam lagi. Nama universiti di Amerika tempat analisis pun kita tak tahu “Tetapi kita bukan saja masih belum dengar apa-apa berkaitan keputusan analisis yang dikatakan itu, malah nama universiti di Amerika yang video itu dihantar untuk analisis pun kita tidak tahu,” Chan dipetik Malaysiakini sebagai berkata. Chan berkata jika


Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS president MALAYSIAN PAS president, an Islamist political party, Abdul Hadi Awang is one of the most attractive political figures in the country, in 2019 that today is the last day. Dream while sleeping plays important role, that's the powerful dream According to some of his high-ranking loyalists and subordinates, he is extraordinary and has the ability to make difficult decisions based on solutions obtained from his dream while sleeping. Dong Zong behaving unethically In related development, his party lambasted Dong Zong on 27 December 2019, for allegedly behaving unethically in a multi-ethnic society, ahead of the Chinese Organisations Joint Conference that the Chinese educationists’ group is co-organising with Jiao Zong, which had been cancelled at the eleventh hour after police received Court Order so as to ensure peace and harmony. Living in a Malay World Abdul Hadi Awang warned the ethnic Chinese group to remem


Lokman Noor Adam, Ahli MT UMNO UMNO pimpinan Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dan PPBM yang diterajui Dr Mahathir Mohamad dirancang bergabung sebelum Mei 2020, demikian menurut maklumat yang diterima ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) UMNO Lokman Noor Adam. Oleh itu, Lokman Adam menggesa pemilihan semula parti itu didakan. Jelas Lokman, ia adalah bagi membolehkan ahli parti memilih pasukan yang mahu bekerjasama dengan Dr Mahathir Mohamad atau menentang pengerusi PH itu. Lokman berkata, ia penting kerana menurutnya terdapat usaha pihak tertentu untuk berunding untuk menggabungkan Umno dan Bersatu. Malah lebih malang lagi katanya, siasatan lembaga disiplin parti terhadap ketua gerakan itu telah dihentikan oleh kepimpinan utama Umno. "Jika benar sebahagian dari kepimpinan Umno dan bekas pemimpin Umno lebih selesa mengambil pendekatan  if we can't defeat them, we join them  (jika tak boleh kalahkan mereka, kita sertai mereka), biarlah ahli memutuskan jika mereka bersetuju dengan ca


MALAYSIAN actress Fasha Sandha has a bone to pick with a woman who approached her for a selfie recently. Malay Mail Online reported that the 35-year-old pretty woman shared a screenshot of a Facebook post by a person known as Siti Sara who was angry that Fasha had turned her down for a selfie. The person attached a covert photo of the star at what appears to be a cafe and proceeded to label Fasha as “arrogant”. “We asked her for a selfie and she made a stupid face, saying it wouldn’t be easy and that she was busy with the kids. “I’m so angry, I didn’t expect artistes to behave this way and not care about their fans,” she wrote. Siti Sara ended the post by saying she would not be voting for the  Badang  star in any upcoming award shows. Fasha wasted little time in penning an open letter to Siti Sara to make it clear that no fan had a right to feel entitled to a selfie. "I don’t care if you decide not to vote for me in the award shows, my priority right n