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No difference between Mahathir and Anwar on appointment of ministers with court cases

  Referring to the appointments of Lim Guan Eng by Mahathir and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi by Anwar Dr Mahathir Mohamad Political analysts have questioned the rationale behind Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's criticism of Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as the deputy prime minister, New Straits Times reported yesterday.  Anwar Ibrahim The former prime minister had earlier yesterday argued that Zahid's appointment as DPM was questionable as the latter is currently facing corruption charges. Dr Mahathir Mohamad (left) and Lim Guan Eng Analysts, however, noted that Dr Mahathir, during his time as prime minister in 2018, had appointed Lim Guan Eng as finance minister. Anwar Ibrahim (left) and Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi Lim,  they said, had also been facing corruption charges then. Dr Azmi Hassan Political analyst Dr Azmi Hassan said Dr Mahathir's criticism of Zahid was baffling as he had done the same. "This (strategy) is overkill as he (Dr Mahathir) did the same during his tenure as prime

How To Bankrupt A Country?

Let's watch the video How the world's richest country lost 90% in its GDP? Produced by Economics Explained  The appearance and act on the above video are for illustration purpose only. End © Permadu Adaptation by Fauzi Kadir Concept/Technicalities/Text Preparation  assisted by Rahayu Mansor Finally edited and brought to you by Fauzi Kadir  CHIEF EDITOR © 2022 Permadu Harmony Bersepadu (Semua Hak Cipta Terpel ihara) All Rights Reserved  E-mail: (DILULUSKAN UNTUK SIARAN OLEH JEMAAH SIDANG PENGARANG )  PUBLISHED UPON APPROVAL FROM THE EDITORIAL BOARD  

"See-through dress", viewers get angry but keep on watching repeatedly­čśů

  A beauty queen has been slammed by angry viewers after she wore a controversial gown at a popular pageant. Jasmine Kazlauskas Jasmine Kazlauskas quoting a recent report shared by  Vn Express . Organisers of the 2022 Miss Vietnam beauty pageant have been  forced  to apologise after an uproar over a contestant’s transparent gown. A beauty queen has been slammed by angry viewers for wearing a “ see-through ” dress on stage. Model Phuong Anh was seen wearing a “flimsy” yellow dress with extremely sheer material that showed off her body underneath.  Many viewers were outraged at the model's dress. Picture: Twitter The 24-year-old had been on stage to give the first runner-up title to contestant Trinh Thuy Linh. Phuong – who was the first runner up in the 2020 competition – said she felt “ashamed” by the outfit, adding she had “learnt a lesson” in her fashion choices. The organisers apologised for the "unfortunate incident". Picture: Twitter The organisers of the event issued