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Marina Mahathir bengang

Marina Mahathir Jika anda sangka penyanyi K-pop sedang lalu, anda dimaafkan DATIN PADUKA Marina Mahathir adalah anak perempuan bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Beliau merupakan kolumnis di akhbar the Star . Apa yang menarik, akhbar berkenaan enggan menyiarkan tulisan beliau untuk edisi hari ini. Bengang juga di hati agaknya. Tulisan berwarna merah adalah petikan asal tulisan Marina Mahathir dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tulisan berwarna biru adalah terjemahan ke Bahasa Melayu oleh Permadu Malaysia . Jom kita baca apa yang Marina tulis : So the Star declined to publish my column today. "Not suitable for the Star" it seems. The good thing is now you don't have to get past the paywall to read it. Here it is: Jadi akhbar the Star tak mahu siarkan tulisan saya di kolum saya hari ini. Nampaknya "tak sesuai untuk the Star". Tapi tak apa, anda tak perlu bayar pun. Bacalah di sini: Marina Mahathir for the Sunday Star Marina Mahathir untuk the Sunday Star I watch

INIKAH ISLAM?🌺 Saya tak fikir begitu 🌺

  Tak mungkin ini Islam PAS Tonton klip 🎥 video ini dan nilai sendiri 📸 There is no universal good or universal morality that can be garnered from religion. Dont believe me? Listen to this guy: He says a man can have four wives and an unlimited number of concubines.  You want to talk about religion, I am quite sure he can produce his references and his religious authorities. Dibawa kepada anda oleh   Fauzi Kadir  untuk   Permadu Malaysia ● 2021 Permadu Harmony Bersepadu Semua Hak Cipta Terpelihara Hubungi kami  +6011 1185 9874 atau Penasihat dan Perunding Sidang Pengarang Dr Zafiyah Hussain Kumpulan Permadu Media Blog  Permadu Malaysia Facebook  Permadu Harmony Page   Permadu Station Audio Visual  Permadu TV Music  Permadu Music

Macron has his own way to manage Covid-19 pandemic

French President Emmanuel Macron, slow and steady (Pictured by Associated Press) Possible lockdown in the next two weeks, if necessary In PARIS, Reuters reported that President Emmanuel Macron defended his decision to hold off on a third lockdown yesterday, Saturday 30 January 2021, telling the public he had faith in their ability to rein in Covid-19 with less severe curbs even as a third wave spreads and the vaccine rollout falters. From today, Sunday 31 January 2021, France will close it borders to all but essential travel to and from countries outside the European Union, while people arriving from within the bloc will have to show a negative test. Large shopping malls will be shut and police patrols increased to enforce a 6pm curfew. But Macron has stopped short of ordering a new daytime lockdown, saying he wants to see first if other measures will be enough to slow the spread of the coronavirus. With 10% of cases now attributable to the more contagious variant first found in Bri


"It pained me to write" THE former Attorney General, who resigned in the wake of the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan administration in March, has kept his counsel till now about what he observed at the heart of government as the coalition collapsed. At the climax of an about to be published memoir, spanning his career as a reforming barrister in Malaysia, he reveals a series of previously unknown facts that shed crucial light on the significance of those events. The chapter, which Tommy Thomas says it pained him to write given his overall respect for the former prime minister, details why in his analysis Dr Mahathir holds the greatest responsibility for the implosion of what had been a stable government. “I have found these paragraphs difficult to write. It pains me to be critical of the Prime Minister who had appointed me, and stood by me over twenty months despite massive attacks from the majority race. But posterity will judge harshly the three decisions that Tun Dr. Mahat