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International Islamic Liquidity Management Corp appoints new CEO

Media reported the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (IILM) has appointed Encik Mohamad Safri Shahul Hamid ( picture, above ) as the new chief executive officer (CEO) for a three-year tenure effective tomorrow, January 1, 2024. The new appointment was approved by the IILM's governing board at its 31st meeting in Istanbul on December 12. Safri will succeed Dr. Umar Oseni, who will complete his term today, December 31 after serving his role for three years.  Safri has 30 years of experience in the banking and financial sector including over 20 years of meaningful experience as a pioneer, structurer, transactor and renowned leader in the Islamic banking and finance locally and internationally.  "He is well regarded as one of the pioneers of the Islamic capital market globally," IILM said in a statement.  Safri joined the IILM after spending 13 years at CIMB Bank where he had served in various capacities including as a deputy CEO for CIMB Islamic and as a

Kikiki­čśéMan lends RM7,000 cash to female tenant who hands him ATM card to withdraw money later but account has only RM45

An article published in Singapore-based  The New Paper on December 27, 2023 is a good lesson, not only for landlord, but also the tenant of the house. It's about a house owner, a man who lends $2k to tenant who hands him ATM card to withdraw money later but account has only $13.80 balance. It happened in Singapore. According to the news portal, his tenant was in tears when she asked him for money. The landlord lent it to her, but claimed she has yet to pay him back. Mr Wang, 67, a retiree, told  Shin Min Daily News  he had rented out a room in Block 952 Jurong West Street 91 to a woman named Ms Zhang for over a year. On June 17, she told Mr Wang that her father in China was sick and in hospital, and asked if she could borrow $2,500 from him. “Since she always pays the rent on time, I decided to lend $1,000 and 5,200 yuan (S$990) to her.” The tenant later told Mr Wang of her plan to change jobs and said she would be abroad while waiting for a new work permit.  Said Mr Wang: “She ga