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"Lecturer Cap Kepala Lembu", komen OSTB

  Prejudis Kamarul kepada YB Steven Pandangan Syed Akbar Ali Dont waste time lah. No investigation will happen. This is Malaysia. Sudah jumpa ke those "mysterious Indians" yang kononnya pukul pegawai Bomba Adib?  Woi dah lupa ke? Polis kata tak ada pun 'mysterious Indians' pukul Adib. Forensic doctor kata Adib kena langgar lori Bomba sendiri. Tapi driver lori Bomba pula bukan 'mysterious Indian'.   This is Malaysia. In Malaysia it is more fun to chase after 'mysterious Indians'.  So in Perlis, lecturer itu jealous sebab bangsa lain, agama lain bukan saja boleh tolong orang Melayu tetapi yang dia lebih jealous bangsa lain itu ada duit sendiri boleh hadiahkan motorsikal kepada budak Melayu. Itu yang dia jealous besar. Sebab orang dia sendiri tak ada duit. Kecuali kalau depa ambil "duit bapak kita" lah.  Anwar criticised leadership for allowing racial, religious tensions go unchecked Kadir Jasin said did not live up to public expectations of an

Muhyiddin perguna Agong untuk kekal berkuasa, pandangan Mahathir

  Malaysia di tengah pandemik Covid Tonton video 📸 : Dibawa kepada anda oleh   Fauzi Kadir  untuk   Permadu Malaysia ● 2021 Permadu Harmony Bersepadu Semua Hak Cipta Terpelihara Hubungi kami  +6011 1185 9874 atau Kumpulan Permadu Media Blog  Permadu Malaysia Facebook  Permadu Harmony Page   Permadu Station Audio Visual  Permadu TV Music  Permadu Music

Uncle Tony is the latest Ebit Lew

  Allah sayang Uncle Tony TIMES have been hard for the people of Malaysia lately, with the worst of it falling on the shoulders of the poor and the homeless. While the glimmering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur symbolise the city’s affluence, down below in the dark streets, the poor struggle. During the holy month of Ramadan, all devout and capable Muslims are expected to fast daily, only to eat or drink at sundown. For some of Kuala Lumpur’s poorest, getting to break fast with any amount of food is a luxury in itself, let alone a full meal. While he may not be able to keep everyone in the city fed, pensioner Tony Lian – otherwise known as Uncle Tony – is doing all he can to make sure that the poor get to enjoy a proper iftar meal this Ramadan. Continue reading a report first published by FMT . At the age of 71, Uncle Tony has long been setting aside a life of comfortable retirement to instead work towards feeding the urban poor via his charity organisation,  Food4U . Chow Kit holds a sp