News on missing Malaysian e-hailing driver
Grab driver missing since Saturday 25 May 2019, blood stains found inside car

Mohd Hanafiee Jaffar... missing

THE family of Mohd Hanafiee Jaffar is pleading for his safe return, after the 27-year-old full-time Grab driver went missing early Saturday 25 May 2019.

His younger sister Nur Ain, 25, urged the public to contact either family members, the police or hospitals if they find Hanafiee.

She also dismissed posts going viral on social media claìming that Hanafiee had been murdered or that he has returned home.

Nur Ain, who lives in Kota Belud with her family, said they found out about Hanafiee's disappearance from his girlfriend.

Nur Ain said Hanafiee lives with their mother at Kingfisher, Sulaman, near Kota Kinabalu.

According to the police report lodged by Hanafiee's girlfriend, his car was found parked near the Ramadan Bazaar in Indah Permai at about 12.30am on Sunday, 26 May 2019.

She said the vehicle was locked and empty, with blood stains on the steering wheel, handbrake, front door and mirror.

Kota Kinabalu police chief Assistant Commissioner Habibi Majinji confirmed that a report was received, and said that it is being investigated as a missìng persons case.

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