The answer is yes Peja, arresting ex-ministers will reduce food prices!


In an interview with one influential local news portal recently, Bersatu Deputy President Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu, also known as Peja, was quoted saying arresting corrupt leaders will not help to reduce food prices and costs of living.

It looks like most of the people disagree with him. Enjoy reading immediate responses from the readers of the portal, Malaysiakini, as published yesterday, May 27, 2023.

We believe, their opinions are representing majority of the people in the country. 

"Is it too complicated for a senior politician to understand it?" a reader asked. 

Peja: Will arresting ex-ministers reduce food prices?

Malaysian For Malaysia says... 

Bersatu deputy president Ahmad Faizal Azumu (Peja), the answer to your question is a resounding yes!

There will be next to zero probability of corruption, which will not allow corrupted government officials to take intermediate fees for giving licenses to only cronies.

Nonetheless, this is a good discussion, although not all his points are correct.

BOBBYO says... 

What is the reason for the price increase resulting in our children not getting enough food or the people getting better salaries?

The nation is a trillion and a half ringgit in debt. For the record, it was said that RM4.5 trillion had left the country in 26 years.

Peja, if you arrest not only all the ministers but also their cronies who were involved in corruption and other criminal activities, the nation may be able to start reducing food prices.

Firstly, by asking or putting pressure on them to return all the monies earned illegally. This will help in reducing our loans and our ringgit being strengthened.

The monies will help to move the economies forward, creating jobs and providing better incomes for the people.

This is basic knowledge and not some new scientific discovery, is it so complicated for a senior politician like you to understand?

NoobMaster69 says... 

Peja, sometimes it's better to keep quiet. If you don't talk about the rise in living costs, I'm not that angry, but once you talk about it, my blood boils.

I'm no expert in economy but I do have some understanding. The main contribution to our inflation is your previous rounds of I-Citra and I-Sinar schemes, of which I lost count.

The sudden increase in cash over the whole economy is never good news. From the first Employees Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawal, there will be inflation. Never ever give a massive amount of cash handouts, even if it's your own money.

Like how Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh blamed the previous government for their inability to maintain athletics standards, I also blame the previous government for allowing EPF withdrawal.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s best move is to not bow to pressure and disallow another EPF withdrawal or else, it will drive inflation even higher.

So Peja, what is your suggestion to curb inflation? Allow more EPF withdrawal again? If you have no suggestion, “sila belok kanan” (please move on).

WhitePony9855 says... 

Peja is talking nonsense. Why not ask God to eradicate corruption? Human shortcomings must be dealt with by humans. Period.

Corruption is the worst destructor of society and must be severely dealt with. The utter failures of past administrations to deal with corrupt practices are why our country is in such a precarious situation.

Malaysians are praying and hoping that Anwar after his 20-plus years of “suffering and humiliation” will be the one to move the country back to its glory days.

He must start dealing with all those who were blatantly corrupt and those who were abusers of power. Until all these scoundrels are found guilty and put behind bars, this country will not move forward.

Knucklehead says... 

This interview highlights the concerns many people have about the qualifications and accountability of certain individuals holding important positions in Malaysia's government.

It raises questions about how someone with perceived low IQ and standards could rise to become a chief minister and minister.

It is understandable that such circumstances may be frustrating for those who believe that individuals lacking intelligence, skills, or common sense should not be entrusted with political power.

This sentiment is rooted in the belief that unqualified individuals in positions of authority can contribute to the accumulation of unaccountable wealth through corrupt practices.

Peja's reasoning may appear shallow and lacking depth, which further adds to the concerns expressed.

There is a genuine desire among many for Malaysia to progress and thrive, but this aspiration requires leaders who are accountable for their actions and possess the necessary qualities and abilities to make informed decisions in the best interest of the country.

It is hoped that individuals like Peja, who do not demonstrate the qualities needed for effective governance, do not make a comeback in politics. Their presence could potentially be detrimental to the progress and well-being of Malaysia.

Anon1984 says... 

Corruption is the prime cause of poverty and ill-governance in Malaysia, so the answer is yes. Corruption causes large sums of money to go into the wrong, bloated projects which usually fail, while small sums in the right places can transform lives.

Therefore, if some of that money can be retrieved from the bank accounts of greedy politicians, let it go to help the needy who are suffering from the inflated food prices that are largely causing hardship because those greedy politicians were looking out for themselves and not the people.

DocJitra says... 

If no action is taken against corruptors, many more will be born to steal the nation's wealth. This is a deterrent so that you and those sitting up there will not be enticed to steal.

You are not there to steal but to serve. The stolen money – in billions or even trillions of ringgit, can surely benefit the nation and will not only reduce food bills but can be put to good use in many beneficial ways.

There will be better education facilities, infrastructures, utility, health care and human capital development, so that 1,000 more potential PMs will be born to lead this nation to become a nation well respected by the West.

Many nations lack progress due to corruption and misuse of power. They tend to feed their families and cronies, they wish to remain in elite positions.

This must be stopped and those who stole from the government in the past 65 years must be punished and jailed, irrespective of their age. If we must drag them to Kajang or Sg Buloh prison, so be it.

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