Nurul will become another Rafizi; Analysts say many better qualified tested experts in economics

 What happened to Ayuh Malaysia? Where are you going to bring us?

Nurul Izzah Anwar is as good as Rafizi Ramli. Both are talkative. But can they perform? Probably people are expecting too high, so the people should be blamed. Not Nurul (no longer MP) and Rafizi, the Pandan MP.

Permadu Malaysia predicts Nurul Izzah will become another Rafizi. Moreover, a few analysts have just spoken to FMT. They concluded there are many better qualified tested experts in economics. 

Almost immediately, media reported Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has come under fire from various quarters for appointing his daughter, Nurul Izzah, as his senior adviser on economics and finance, with critics saying it reeks of nepotism.

They said the appointment, although pro bono, will put the unity government on a defensive mode as it provides fodder for the opposition to attack the ruling coalition.

Anwar has defended the appointment, saying Nurul Izzah is not being paid and that she possesses a first degree in engineering and a second degree in public and social policy from Johns Hopkins University in the US. 

Before GE15, people in Permatang Pauh complained they could hardly meet their wakil rakyat

Unpaid senior adviser? So if she fails, don't blame her. Because she's not paid. Is there anything significant has Nurul proven to Malaysians, other than talking? She didn't even bother to take care of her own voters in Permatang Pauh and that's one of the reasons she lost the parliamentary seat in GE15. People there complained they could hardly see her face to meet their wakil rakyat. 


Spoken to FMT, political analyst Dr Azmil Tayeb of Universiti Sains Malaysia said Nurul Izzah’s appointment reeks of nepotism, and attracts unwarranted attention to the unity government which is trying to find its footing.

“I’m not sure if it will backfire, but the appointment certainly provides fodder for the opposition,” he said. “Anwar could have appointed many other tested experts to be his senior adviser.

Perception that counts

“The public will question his motive in appointing his own daughter when Malaysia is full of talents to fill the post.

“Even if it is pro bono, it’s the perception that counts”.

Cakap tak serupa bikin

Dr Azmi Hassan of Akademi Nusantara said Anwar is doing a disservice to his cry for good governance, which prohibits the practice of nepotism.

He also said the public will view Anwar as trying to resurrect Nurul Izzah’s political career after she lost her bid to retain the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in the 15th general election.

Do you really need an adviser when you have already had economy minister? 

“So, I guess it does not augur well for the prime minister because he will be questioned over the appointment as there are many better qualified experts in economics if he really needs an adviser,” he said.

He also said Anwar already has a group of advisers in the finance ministry and Rafizi Ramli as an economic affairs minister.

Azmi suggested that Anwar establish a group of economic advisers to assist him and appoint Nurul Izzah if the need arises.

Betrayal of reformasi

Machang MP Wan Ahmad Fayshal Wan Ahmad Kamal said Nurul Izzah’s appointment is a betrayal of the “reformasi” agenda often preached by Anwar, describing the move as being tantamount to “a family taking care of the national treasury”.

“Didn’t Nurul Izzah say in the World Economic Forum 2017 that Pakatan Harapan pledges to separate the roles and positions of both the prime minister and finance minister?” said the Bersatu Youth chief in a Facebook post. 

He also asked what made Anwar’s family different from the family of former US president Donald Trump, whose appointment of his eldest daughter and businesswoman Ivanka Trump as his adviser in 2017 drew public backlash.

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