MALAYSIAN actress Fasha Sandha has a bone to pick with a woman who approached her for a selfie recently.

Malay Mail Online reported that the 35-year-old pretty woman shared a screenshot of a Facebook post by a person known as Siti Sara who was angry that Fasha had turned her down for a selfie.

The person attached a covert photo of the star at what appears to be a cafe and proceeded to label Fasha as “arrogant”.
“We asked her for a selfie and she made a stupid face, saying it wouldn’t be easy and that she was busy with the kids.
“I’m so angry, I didn’t expect artistes to behave this way and not care about their fans,” she wrote.
Siti Sara ended the post by saying she would not be voting for the Badang star in any upcoming award shows.
Fasha wasted little time in penning an open letter to Siti Sara to make it clear that no fan had a right to feel entitled to a selfie.
"I don’t care if you decide not to vote for me in the award shows, my priority right now is children.
“I ignored you because I was busy looking out for my children’s safety,” said Fasha.
The Johor-born actress proceeded to list situations where fans should not approach her in public, including when she has children in tow, when she’s at a cash register or ticket counter, and when she is eating out with her family.
"After I became a mum, popularity stopped being a priority. My duties as a mother and a wife became number one.
“Artistes are not society’s possessions. We belong to Allah and our families.
“Be a smart fan. Figure out if it’s an appropriate time to ask for a selfie.
"Thousands of people have had selfies with me but when you (Siti Sara) asked and it wasn’t an appropriate time, you try to make things go viral.”
Fasha also gave more details of her meeting with Siti Sara that revealed she had actually gone back to look for the fan once her hands were free from managing the children.
“When you asked for a selfie yesterday, I told you to give me a moment to settle the kids down.
“After I paid and the children had gone into the playground, I went looking for you.
“I even asked my assistant where you went and they said you had already left.”
Fasha’s followers applauded her for speaking up on behalf of Malaysian artistes and said she had made the right decision to put the kids first.
“They deserve to be schooled. If she was a true fan, she would know that this is something Fasha has spoken up about for a long time,” wrote @bobofahad.
“This is so accurate. Take note, we are only human beings,” said comedian Shuib Sepahtu.

Other fans said that Siti Sara’s accusation of Fasha being arrogant and proud had no basis in reality and that the mother of two has been nothing but warm and friendly when met in person.

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