Muslims must show noble traits to attract non-Muslims towards Islamic teachings, said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, reported Bernama.
He said negative practices such as being inconsiderate, insulting other races and religions, and squabbling over differences in opinion be cast aside in order to achieve the objectives of Muslims as propagators.
"The acceptance from non-Muslims will diminish if we display negative characteristics and fail in life.
"We have to show good characteristics, Insya Allah (God willing) they will be drawn to our deeds and believe in Islamic teachings, " Mahathir who is also the President of the Muslim Welfare Organisation of Malaysia (Perkim) said that in a speech during a dinner event held in conjunction with Perkim's 58th Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur last night.
Also present were Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali and honorary secretary-general of Perkim Mohd Yusof Noor.
Mahathir also wanted Muslims to live with the spirit of consensus without being influenced by self-centredness which would cause unease among other communities.
"Humans live in communities, not alone, in isolation. Do not be influenced by our emotions which could lead to chaos as this will be a loss," he said.
He said a nation would lose if its people were fighting (among themselves), giving others the chance to worsen the situation.
"When we fight among ourselves, others can take advantage, and the country will not be peaceful. We have to be good at controlling our emotions and curb our hatred and anger, and accept the opinions of others," he said.
On Perkim, Mahathir wanted the organisation to move as a body that is actively carrying out its responsibilities in spreading the message of Islam to all communities.
Perkim's role is to carry out 'dakwah' (propagation) and uplift the image of Islam.
"I feel Perkim can carry out the responsibility of this mission by focusing on its original objectives," Mahathir said.
Meanwhile, Perkim vice-president 1, Shahidan Kassim welcomed the call by Mahathir for Muslims to unite by obeying the teachings of Islams in the true sense.
"We must have a leader who works to unite the Muslims. This is the time, Mahathir as prime minister must carry out this responsibility. He needs everyone's cooperation," he said.

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