The RON95 Petrol In Malaysia

Interesting story taken from social media about a week ago 

RON95 Petrol Only For Malaysian Vehicles, Woman Tells Man With Singapore Licence Plate

RON95 petrol in Malaysia is heavily subsidised by the government. But owners of foreign-registered cars are not allowed to pump such petrol — even if they’re Malaysians.

Regardless, it seems some of them are still trying their luck.

On Saturday (25 Mar), a man with a Singapore-registered vehicle was seen pumping RON95 petrol into his car.

When a woman told him he was not entitled to do so, he said, “Even if I’m Malaysian?”

This story is about a man with Singapore licence plate vehicle tries pumping RON95 petrol

According to SG Road Vigilante, the scene took place at a Shell petrol kiosk on Saturday.

A woman filming the encounter goes up to a man standing next to a petrol station. Apparently, he’s filling up his Singapore-registered Honda Odyssey car with RON95 petrol.

“Cannot,” she says to him. The man turns to her and replies, “Even though I’m Malaysian?”

“Doesn’t matter,” the woman says. “Even if you’re Malaysian or what, you’re using Singapore car.”

He nods but doesn’t appear to acknowledge what she’s saying.

“If you said you are Malaysian, you should know,” she goes on.

Even though he retorts that he is allowed to pump RON95 petrol in other states like Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, the woman stands firm.

Whether the man is as he claims can’t be verified as he does not appear to show proof in the video.

Foreign vehicles can’t pump RON95 petrol

The woman in the video is correct. No matter your nationality, foreign-registered vehicles can’t pump RON95 petrol.

Since 2010, it has been illegal to do so. Only Malaysian vehicles have this privilege.

Foreign-registered vehicles may only use RON97 or RON100 petrol, which are more costly.

report from April last year stated authorities had told petrol station operators to prevent foreign-registered vehicles from pumping RON95 petrol.

Johor domestic trade and consumer affairs director Hairul Anuar Bohro also encouraged people to take pictures if they spot anyone doing so.

“Please take a picture. We have no problem in taking action, but please provide clear evidence. We are committed to curbing the issue and ensuring that the people’s rights are protected,” he said.

Petrol stations that do not curb such practices may face stern action.

The appearance and act on the above video are for illustration purpose only.


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